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Hospitality Industry Training and Consultants (HITC) has been involved with the training and implementation of National Qualifications since NQ's were launched by THETA in 1995. In the past 10 years we have been involved with all aspects of the NQF from assisting organisations with establishing strategies for the implementation of National Qualifications including outcomes based training and assessment to managing large NQF projects that involve the development of programmes, facilitation, assessment and moderation of learners on both learnerships and skills programmes. The large NQF projects have involved considerable planning and development of the learning programme including logistics and allocation of facilitators, assessors and moderator personnel. Not all training and assessment has taken place on HITC training premises. HITC is experienced in organising both on site and off site learning programmes.

HITC is involved with the provision of learnerships for THETA, where over a five year period, ± 1500 learners attended learnership through HITC, in the following disciplines:

HITC has also had the opportunity to project -manage an NQ project for Boxer Super Trade where a learnership project for 80 learners in remote areas of Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal attended learnerships through the W&RSETA.

HITC was also one of the primary training providers involved with the Domestic Services chamber for the National Certificate in Domestic Services through Services SETA.